Roth IRA and Roth 401(k)

With our Federal Income Tax currently at the lowest in 70 years, it may be prudent to create a Roth IRA Rollover for your retirement future or start a Roth IRA if you qualify. You can create a Roth IRA Rollover by converting a portion of your Traditional IRA or IRA 401(k) Rollovers you may have.

You can convert only a small amount or up to 100% of your Traditional IRA or IRA 401(k) Rollover.

The Roth IRA Rollover will increase your IRA Required Minimum Distribution Age from age 70 ½ to age 90. This can help you with your Estate Transfer Planning and Wealth Management.

Also with a Roth IRA Rollover  future interest accrued is TAX FREE.

There have been many updates to 401(k) Plans and one of the newest options is a ROTH 401(k). You may be able to contribute all or a portion of your 401(k) contributions to a ROTH and all proceeds and interest in the Roth Portion distribute in Retirement TAX FREE.

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