Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance has so many individual and family benefits to give dignity and value to your life.

The Benefits

  • Long Term Care Benefits can be designed to fit your budget.
  • Long Term Care Insurance gives you the ability to be independent
  • Long Term Care Insurance makes sure that your retirement income is not emptied on taking care of your health.
  • Long Term Care Insurance can make sure that your spouse is not left penniless after you have a long term care illness that required a lot of money.
  • Long Term Care benefits your family and gives them relief in a difficult time.

FYI: Doesn’t Medicare provide me with Long Term Care Insurance?

No. After a maximum of 90 days of care, Medicare stops paying for your Long Term Care needs. After that, 100{21884d375c16afcb32416529eda5fe3444c3d1aa4f16fa427d5b7364d2679315} of your care is paid by you.

  • The average nurse assistant is $50 to $75 per hour
  • The average professional facility is about $4,500.00 per month.


Let us design a Long Term Care Insurance Plan for you.

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