Life Insurance

Often misunderstood, Life Insurance is one of the most valuable “assets” to your future and your retirement portfolio.

Why Life Insurance is like the “Swiss Army Knife” of your financial situation

  • Life Insurance can build TAX FREE cash inside that you can take before age 59 ½ without IRS penalty, unlike a Traditional  IRA or 401(k).
  • Index Life Insurance will NEVER Lose Money Due to Stock Market Volatility
  • Index Life Insurance has Returned an Average of 6% Tax Free in the past 5, 10, 20, and 30 years.
  • When designed correctly with us, you are not limited on how much money you can put in a Life Insurance Policy, unlike 401(K) limits.
  • Life Insurance is the only product that “ self completes”. If you die prematurely your family or friends receive Tax Free Cash Benefit. If you live, YOU receive the Tax Free Cash Value in a Lump Sum or a Tax Free Income Stream. If you have a Critical or Chronic Illness suddenly, the Death Benefit turns into a Tax Free Income Stream or Lump Sum Payout so you do not have to “raid” your 401(K) money at a bad time in your life and pay taxes and penalties on that 401(k) money you took out to survive. It’s a Total Win For You As Part of Your Overall Financial Plan!

Only your health buys Life Insurance, not money, so get it done now!

We carry the top carriers with guaranteed minimum interest protection that can be designed for quicker cash value building and family or estate protection

Even if you are single, you should consider Life Insurance for the Tax Free Cash Value The Living Benefits and the flexibility it provides.

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