Disability Insurance

We insure the car, the house, our possessions, but we do not insure the one thing that lets us have all the above. Above all, you are your most valuable asset.

Disability Insurance is Paycheck Insurance. Period.

But not all Disability Insurance polices are the same and you need a well versed professional to help you make the right decision. So, if you ever need that policy due to an accident or a long term sickness, it works flawlessly.

Guidance Wealth Management has Disability Insurance to fit every budget and need. We match you with the right company every time.

FYI: Is there a need for Disability Insurance?

Every day in America, an average of 17 MILLION Americans are out of work due to a disability.

Unfortunately, not all of the 17 million Americans have Disability Insurance.

This is why over 50{21884d375c16afcb32416529eda5fe3444c3d1aa4f16fa427d5b7364d2679315} of homes are foreclosed due to a long term disability and not our countries current financial crisis.

You can bet there is a need for Disability Insurance.

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